5+ Best Online Course Platforms [Updated 2022]

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The best online course platforms in 2022 are Teachable, Thinkific, and LearnWorlds.

Since the start of the pandemic, online teaching and courses will grow to an insane $325 billion dollar industry by 2025, according to Forbes.

You should take advantage of this market and start crafting your own online courses. It costs you nothing but the upside potential is unlimited!

In this article I will go over 5+ online course platforms that you can use to host and build out your online course(s). This will go over features, pricing, third party integrations, and customer support.

Let’s get right into it!

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What are the Best Online Course Platforms?

I’ll go through my list of online course platforms and I hope this gives you an informative perspective on what software will fit your business the best.

This is the best overall online course platform, especially for beginners! ($29-$249/month)

teachable online course platform home page

Teachable has a few paid tiers. Let me explain how it all works with their pricing models.

Let’s look at the their Basic Plan:

It is $29 a month but charges a 5% transaction fee.

Starting at the Pro Plan:

It is $99 a month but drops the transaction fee and gives you access to more features like priority support, graded quizzes, unbranded website, course certificates, etc.

Finally at the Business Plan:

Again no transaction fee and you get to do manual student imports, bulk enrollments, and group coaching calls from the platform.

Of course with all the plans, you already have access to the important features like unlimited videos and courses that you host on the platform.

What else should I know?

  1. It is insanely easy to setup.
  2. Unlimited video upload, bandwidth, courses, and students.
  3. Access to an unbranded website with the Pro Plan.
  4. One click checkout option.
  5. Compatible with over 130+ curencies to enroll students with international payment plans.

Teachable Pricing:

  1. Basic Plan ($29/month): Has a 5% transaction fee, only allows for 2 admin users, course builder, drip course content, and members-only community.
  2. Pro Plan($99/month): Removes the transaction fee, offers 5 admin users for your account, priority access to Teachable support, graded quizzes, unbranded website, course completion certificates for students, and integrated affiliate marketing.
  3. Business Plan ($249/month): On top of all the other features from the lower plans. They offer 20 admin users, manual student importing, bulk enrollments, custom user roles, advanced website theme customization, and group coaching calls.

I seriously recommend signing up for the Pro Plan. It has everything you will ever need as a solo user. In time if you build up a large following you might need the power of more users on your account with the business plan.

Get started with Teachable with the link below!

One of the best online course platforms! (Free Tier or $39-$399/month)

thinkific online course platform home page

Okay let’s start off with the fact they offer a 1 month trial! That gives you plenty of time to tryout all the features and see if works for your business.

This trial gives you access to their Pro Plan. Which gives you the ability to make unlimited courses. As well as integrate memberships and bundle packages, unique landing pages, course certifications, and other advanced marketing tools.

Their platform is simple to use with their drag and drop editor. Then with their templates you can select an already made design and start uploading content.

If you are a Zapier user. You can integrate it with Thinkific and create the automation pipeline you want!

What else should I know?

  1. Third party marketing automation.
  2. Access to try the platform with the Free Tier. As well as a 1 month trial.
  3. Can edit the design and code of your course website.
  4. Course certificates for students.
  5. Affiliate marketing tools and reporting.

Thinkific Pricing:

  1. Free Plan ($0/month): Limited number of courses but unlimited students. Some access to quizzes and surveys.
  2. Basic Plan ($39/month): Unlimited courses and students. Access to course coupons, drip content, affiliate reporting, custom domain name, zapier integrations, and manual student enrollments.
  3. Pro Plan ($79/month): Access to 2 admin accounts with 5 course admins. Private and hidden courses, advanced course pricing, membership and bundle customization, course certifications for students, communities, and live lessons with zoom.
  4. Premier Plan ($399/month): Access to 5 site admins and 15 group analysts with 50 course admins. Single Sign On authorization, onboarding package, and unlimited growth package for sending out marketing material.

The Pro Plan is the best one because it gives you access to all the features you need to run a successful business with online courses.

Get started with Thinkific with the link below!

Great platform for Interactive Learning! ($24-$249/month)

learnworlds online course platform home page

LearnWorlds is the best at interactive learning and can be a different experience for your students to engage with your courses.

This platform is all about customization and gamification of your course material. If you are looking for a ton more creative freedom, LearnWorlds is perfect for you!

What else should I know?

  1. Create interactive videos, eBooks, and downloadable content.
  2. The ability to promote free courses.
  3. Create transcripts from your courses.
  4. Custom domain name and white label content.
  5. Course certification.
  6. iOS app.
  7. Great support.
  8. Social media integrations.

LearnWorlds Pricing:

  1. Starter Plan ($24/month): $5 course fee per sale, 1 user admin, custom domain name, unlimited paid courses, page builder, coupons, built in community, and drip content.
  2. Pro Trainer Plan ($79/month): No transaction fees, 5 user admins, unlimited courses and landing pages, subscriptions and membership option, fully customizable course player, customizable page builder, custom course certifications, live classes via zoom, file assignments, affiliate marketing management, zapier integrations, and priority support.
  3. Learning Center Plan ($249/month): 20 user admins, bulk student importing, white-labeling content, interactive video, auto-transcriptions and subtitles, zoom accounts, API integrations, webhooks, Single Sign on authorization, custom iOS and android App, premium onboarding.

In the case of LearnWorlds they offer so much value and features that the best option is the Learning Center Plan. This plan offers the customizable interactive video features and access to auto-transcription for your courses. Making it very accessible to users.

Get started with LearnWorlds with the link below!

Perfect LMS for WordPress Users! ($13.25/month)

learndash online course platform home page

LearnDash is a great tool that you purchase to integrate into your own personal website. It is a WordPress plugin and used by big names such as, Yoast, the University of Michigan, University of Florida, and Tony Robbins.

LearnDash has its own fully featured course builder that works well with email drip tools. You can run all this automated with your email marketing strategies and send lessons to students on a schedule.

What else should I know?

  1. Graded quizzes and tests with their gradebook technology.
  2. Awarding course certifications, badges, and course points.
  3. Has a “Focus Mode” to keep students on track to completion.

LearnDash Pricing:

  1. Basic Plan ($13.25/month): 1 site license and unlimited courses and students. Access to all features like drip content, quizzes and grading, course certifications, course forums, email marketing, custom integrations, and customer support and updates.
  2. Plus Package Plan ($15.75/month): Includes up to 10 site licenses and the LearnDash ProPanel.
  3. Pro Package Plan ($27.42/month): Includes up to 25 site licenses and the ProPanel.

LearnDash is the best WordPress LMS plugin. You get access to a ton of features and content. As well as the advantage that you can control every aspect of the program and your website.

Get started with LearnDash with the link below!

The best at Webinars and downloadable digital content ($39-$79/month)

podia online course platform home page

Podia allows you to setup your content the way you want it. There are also NO transaction fees on your courses. You only need to pay the payment processors standard cost of 2.9% + 30 cents.

The biggest advantage with Podia, is their membership options. You can easily grow an online community and offer bundles for specific groups.

As well as the main focus on hosting webinars live or on-demand for your audience.

What else should I know?

  1. Coupon and discounts for courses.
  2. Subscription and memberships.
  3. Pre-launch courses and sales pages.
  4. Drip content.

Podia Pricing:

  1. Mover Plan ($39/month): Custom website domain, digital downloads, email marketing, messaging, unlimited courses and students, and free migrations.
  2. Shaker Plan ($79/month): Access to memberships, zoom integration, blog, affiliate marketing, and third party integrations.

The Shaker Plan is the one you want from Podia. As the main benefit is their membership and webinar features. Also take advantage of the amazing affiliate management software and have other affiliates promote your courses!

Get started with Podia with the link below!

The Premier Enterprise Platform ($833/month)

academy of mine online course platform home page

Academy of Mine is the high-end course platform. Built specifically for you! It is a white label platform build to create, sell, and manage your online courses. They adapt to your every desire and need when it comes to your “perfect” learning experience.

Made to cater to the needs of businesses that want a fully realized curriculum.

Do you need 100% accessible content for your employees? Are you looking at creating courses and content to teach them about safety procedures or other important information?

Academy of Mine can do everything you need at that level. Typically, this software is for small to medium sized businesses that need a robust training system they can control for their employees and even clients.

Get started with Academy of Mine with the link below!


This is my curated list of online course platforms. Each one offers a slight advantage in some areas over others. This should make it easier for you to determine what feature set you want or need to have to succeed in this online business.

Selling online courses can be hard but with the right software it can be a piece of cake to get everything setup the way you want it.

I wish you all the best of luck creating new content!

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