Top 15 high-paying affiliate programs [Updated 2022]

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High-Paying Affiliate Programs

Looking to add some high quality affiliate revenue to your blog or review websites? It can sometimes be hard to find quality information out there. To save you the trouble of that doing that part, we curated a list of 15 high-paying affiliate programs that you should definitely add to your website in 2022!

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High-Paying Affiliate Programs: What to Consider for your Website?

When we say “high-paying” affiliate programs, this takes into consideration the ability to convert a reader. This article focuses on the higher quality programs that you could partner with and feel comfortable sharing the discounts with your audience. Remember, the affiliate program you are promoting should match your niche and reader demographic!

OKAY. Let’s get started with the list of affiliate programs you definitely should check out!

I bet you never expected to see Bluehost on this list! Just kidding. Of course you did! You probably see it on every curated list like this. Well, there is a very good reason why.

It’s just such a reliable service with great pricing that it almost doesn’t feel like an intentional promotion. We recommend it to everybody because it works really well. They offer quality technical support and their 99.999% uptime is seriously amazing. We have not had a single down time in the last 3 years of hosting over 20 websites.

If you are looking into promoting the Bluehost Affiliate Program, keep in mind its straightforward in terms of payment. You will get a flat $65 for every qualified referral! They offer amazing tracking and promo material on their affiliate platform. Making it super easy to add banners wherever you want on your website!

In case you didn’t know, Constant Contact is a sister company of Bluehost.

Unsurprisingly we listed them close to each other because they also offer great service and is a longtime reliable email platform!

Their affiliate payout is a little different. They offer a $105 payout with a guranteed $5 per qualified lead. That means when they signup for a free trial you are credited with that $5 lead. No credit card required on signup either!

Our favorite all-in-one SEO marketing software, SEMrush. We all use it to monitor our website’s performance and ranking on the web. SEMrush specializes in keyword research, website audits, and competitor analysis.

Their affiliate program is called, BeRush, is where you signup to be an affiliate and gain access to all their promotional material and get started guides.

SEMrush offers a generous $200 flat payout per subscription and $10 for every new trial activation.

GetResponse, is our personal choice for setting up your email campaigns and mailing lists. We have been using GetResponse for years now and love the features so far. They help you moderate everything from mailing lists for multiple domains, newsletters, and even landing pages!

The GetResponse affiliate program gives a choice of either receiving a $100 payout per sale one time or a 33% recurring commission of the total purchase price for every license renewal.

One thing to note, they advertise a 120-day cookie lifecycle and detailed statistics with a plethora of promo materials available.

This is a nice small affiliate program people don’t know too much about. It’s called Grammarly and as the name suggests it helps you create grammatically correct content! Very useful for every affiliate marketer.

It can be used on social media platforms, in your email programs, and document tools. It helps with fixing your grammar problems and suggests new words to help spice up your writing too!

If you are looking at checking out the Grammarly affiliate program, it is one of those programs that can be of use universally. They pay $20 for every premium plan subscription and even payout $0.20 for every free registration lead.

If you have never heard of Unbounce, well all you need to know is that they specialize in landing pages that help you increase conversion rates. They help your through the entire funnel. From building your page, launching it online, and optimizing for any campaign strategy.

The Unbounce affiliate program offers a 20% lifetime commission. Also, Unbounce offers your audience 20% off their first 3 months. This might be particularly useful for those just starting out!

Shopify. The leading eCommerce platform that supports small businesses to enterprise international brands. There is no shortage of demand for eCommerce and Shopify fills that need perfectly.

The Shopify affiliate program might be tough to join but if you are accepted, the average payout is $58 and at the high-end pays a flat $2000 for a Shopify Plus account.

This is another insanely useful tool like Grammarly. If you are making graphics and don’t have the budget or know how to use Photoshop. Canva, is the premier choice for creating static content.

Canva is a graphic design tool with tons of amazing templates. They can range from social media banners, presentations, newsletters, and reports. A lot of the templates are even free!

The Canva affiliate program offers up to $36 per subscription. It is widely popular platform and its name recognition should help with higher conversion rates despite its “low” affiliate payout.

Webflow is a drag and drop web design tool. You can build, design, and launch your entire website with Webflow without writing a single line of code.

The Webflow affiliate program offers a very generous 50% commission on all subscription payments for 12 months. Do keep in mind that they require an active PayPal account to receive affiliate payouts.

In our opinion Elementor is the best WordPress page builder. This website was actually built with Elementor! It is a very powerful tool and they offer most of their functionality with just their free version.

If you are a visual person or a blogger that doesn’t want to deal with code but wants a way to keep control on their content. Elementor is a great way to see how all your content looks before publishing it live.

The Elementor affiliate program pays out 50% per subscription with a 30-day cookie lifecycle. Keep in mind that you also must reach a $200 threshold in order to be paid your affiliate payout.

The famous VPN tool. NordVPN offers you a low cost solution for a secure internet browsing experience. If you looking to view streaming content from other countries, NordVPN helps you connect to countries that allow that show or movie you want to watch with no buffering.

With NordVPN you expect higher conversion rates and they offer high commission payouts. Currently they have 4 payout models depending on the subscription purchased. They can range from a 1-month 100% commission payout upon first time subscription to 40% commission for a 2-year plan. NordVPN also paysout 30% on all renewal plans.

12. Kinsta

Kinsta is an awesome hosting platform that let’s you have full control of what you pay for. Use their managed WordPress capabilities to manage all the detailed information such as statistics, DNS settings, and SSH keys.

If you are looking for a high speed, state-of-the-art platform using the latest technology such as, Nginx, PHP 8.0, LXD containers, and MariaDB. Kinsta makes sure your website loads in the blink of an eye and is easy to scale with your traffic.

The Kinsta affiliate program offers $50 to $500 for every signup depending on the 4 plans they offer. The lowest being the starter plan and the highest enterprise plans. They know they are a more premium hosting solution and with that offer a 60 day cookie lifecycle. That’s not all! They also give you an additional 10% monthly recurring commission on the lifetime of the customer you referred. In our opinion, it is the best hosting affiliate deal on the market.

WP Engine is another high performing hosting platform that excels at scalability and fast loading infrastructure. This means you have access to all the bells and whistles that make your website load as quickly as possible.

They also have a managed hosting option that handles all the WordPress updates for you and keeps backups for your website. It is extremely optimized for handling WordPress users and simplifies all the hassle of managing your website. Letting you worry only about the content.

The WP Engine affiliate program offers either a flat $200 or 100% of the first month payment. On top of the initial commission, they also give out bonuses when you refer more than 5 customers a month (and this bonus scales with the number of monthly referrals).

14. Udemy

Udemy is one of the most popular online education platforms. They have courses on all sorts of topics aimed at students and adults that want to learn with self paced online courses.

The Udemy affiliate program pays 15% commission on their courses with a 7 day cookie lifecycle.

ExpressVPN is one of the world’s leading VPN providers. They are available to use on almost every device imaginable. Ranging from all major operating systems too mobile devices, including your router software.

Just like other VPN companies they focus on keeping your private information private and keeping you secure on any network. Also enjoy access to your favorite tv shows or movies anywhere in the world!

The ExpressVPN affiliate program pays $13 for a 1 month subscription, $22 for a 6 month subscription, and $36 for a 12 month subscription.


If you got this far, thank you for going over our top 15 high-paying affiliate program list. Take this information and share it with your audience.

Remember only share products or programs that make sense to your target demographic!

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